What to Expect

Your first meeting

I felt alone before I came to this group. Everyone here knows what I’m going through and supports me without judgment.
— Support group member

The group begins with a brief introduction of the attendees, followed by announcements.  When numbers allow, we separate into two groups: those with mood disorders, and family and friends of those with mood disorders. Group members who have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder moderate the meetings.  Family members may also be facilitators.  There is no fee to attend this support group, however, to cover the operational costs donations are greatly appreciated.  We ask that members be at least 18 years old.

During the meeting you are welcome to share your experiences, though it is not required.  In addition to receiving support, literature, books and DVD’s are available to check out.  You may come and go as you wish, as the group requires no commitment. 

We suggest that our group members also pursue professional help while attending support group, as this group is only one area of support in an individual’s pursuit toward wellness.  We find a team approach of professionals, peers, and loved ones provide the individual with an excellent support system!